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Hello Liberal Arts Students,


The Liberal Arts Student Council is pleased to announce that we are teaming up with the Career Center and the College of Liberal Arts to host the first ever Liberal Arts Non-Profit Case Competition on April 12-17th. This is a business style case competition where teams of four collaborate to come up with a strategic solution to a theoretical problem that a non-profit organization may face. Registration for this competition is free and the winning team will win a tiered scholarship for each participant. Here are some general overarching ideas that this case competition may cover:


  • How can donated money be most efficiently spent?

  • How can a charitable organization grow its effectiveness?

  • How can organizations better serve people across all demographics?

  • What are the steps necessary to implement a strategic plan?

  • How can an organization achieve its vision?

  • How do organizations prioritize their different objectives?


This competition is open to all Liberal Arts Majors at all classifications. We would like to emphasize that no business or nonprofit knowledge will be necessary to be successful in this competition. Liberal Arts students are taught to think critically across disciplines and those skills will be crucial in strategizing a solution to the case. 


Participants will compete in 4-person teams for the case competition. You can form your own 4-person team, or you can sign up in a group of 1, 2, or 3 and will then be paired with other students. Please keep in mind that an odd number of participants may result in a chance that some students may not be able to participate.


The Case Competition will be held April 12-17th. Participating teams will receive the Case Prompt in the morning of Monday, April 12th and will have a week to collaborate with their team and construct a presentation that will be given on Saturday, April 17 to a panel of judges via Zoom. 


Students interested in this event should sign up for one of our MANDATORY informationals by filling out this google form. These informationals will be held on April 5th from 7-8PM and April 8th from 8-9PM. To ensure students are committed to the competition, attendance at one of these events is mandatory. If you absolutely cannot make it to one of the informationals, please reach out to


We are so excited for this event and we look forward to having many of you take part in the competition.

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