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We strive to host events that will be beneficial to the professional development of not only our members but the Arts and Sciences student body as well. Throughout the year, we execute 3 events that are open to all Arts & Sciences students or those pursuing a related career:

Arts & Sciences Career Fair

This event is an annual career fair specifically for liberal arts majors. The Council of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities supports the career center with their career fair.

Fall - Speaker Panel

The College of Arts and Sciences Speaker Panel is an event hosted by the Council of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities where students in the college are invited to come hear from a panel of esteemed professionals about their careers and academic backgrounds. The event will consist of a panel-style lecture where guest speakers from fields such as education, business, law, and more will share insights about their career paths. The night will conclude with a Q&A session which is a great opportunity for students to connect with and ask questions to professionals in careers that you might be considering post-graduation. 

Spring - Professional Development Workshop

This event is designed to help students grow in professionalism and broaden their knowledge of essential job-readiness skills. The evening will consist of a Career Center informational designed to give student attendees insight and advice on topics including resumé building, job interviews, dining etiquette, and professional business attire. The dress code is business professional and the cost is free to attend. This event is open to any and all majors! 

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